Adventures in Haymarsh

Cow/calf pair & Bull

Today we rounded up a cow/calf pair and a bull.

Setting up the panels, we had to move them to two different pastures after we loaded them.
Thank you Tracy for coming and helping!
Here they come…
Good little stock man!
Gator loaded up and arriving at the next pasture.
Gathering the bull, had to use all sort of stock sense on him… He wasn’t keen on being loaded up.
Helped rounding up by providing deep meditation and prayers.
After everyone was loaded up he noticed a large spider on the fence.
This young man knows how to put up an electric fence better than I do, because he has been helping Dad all summer long.

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  1. chuck and mila

    That is a hi – tech electric fence,,, guess my age is showing. My Grandfather taught me the procedures on them,,, that had a 12 volt battery. A long time ago.

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