It has been cold these last few days, windchills dropping us in to forecasted -40 below.  I guess this is supposed to keep the riff raff out… although I’m always tempted to look at Hawaii real estate when it gets this cold, just not sure how to move a herd of cattle that close to the equator 🤔.  I admit we’re due for these temperatures.  This is the coldest it has been all winter.  Everything takes a little bit longer, the fountains need to be checked to make sure they’re not frozen over even though they have heaters in sometimes they just can’t keep up.  Even the machinery kind of creaks and groans on days this cold.  Grandpa always make sure to put extra straw down for the animals to lay down on.

Bundled with loose layers, hats, mittens and scarves as they head out for night chores. Rain, sun, snow, sleet, frigid, hot, you name it, chores need to be done. Oddly, if you ask them, they will probably tell you they like doing chores. The 2 year old was begging with tears to go with the big boys…they had to promise to check in with me halfway through chores to make sure he was warm enough.
My brother and me doing chores a few decades ago.
God gave some people a built in scarf.🧣
Andrew took boiling water to show the children, “it’s cold outside.”
Tossing the boiling water in to the air.
Water vapor.