Dad is imparting his knowledge.  For the Jacobson Haymarsh Summer School, today’s 1st lesson was a definition of binary.  The 9 month old paid more attention to a music CD she found, but Daddy is such a good teacher he made it somewhat understandable for the 2 year old, the 4 year old participated quite a bit and the 6 and 9 year old should be able to explain what binary means.

Learning good material is a life long endeavor…it doesn’t end, just because summer break has begun…they seem to appreciate a little bit of structure.

Mowing time.

Replanting the poplars.
Fencing high density grazing parcels continues…
Official snap pea planter.
Tomatoes are in.
Andrew jokes that Grandpa needs a white horse to match Rosie and Blue, then we’d have a Red, White, and Blue team for patriotic holidays!
Thank God for Grandpa!💙. He’s always so willing to help us out!