A great Children’s book for this holy season! Thank you Marie!

Quote of the Day

“And I saw that truly nothing happens by accident or luck, but everything by God’s wise providence … for matters that have been in God’s foreseeing wisdom, since before time began, befall us suddenly, all unawares; and so in our blindness and ignorance we say that this is accident or luck, but to our Lord God it is not so.”

–St. Juliana of Norwich

Today’s Meditation

“Love, by its essence, involves a leap into the unknown, a death to oneself, because genuine love is a love that loves to the end. And to love to the end means to die for those whom you love. It also means to forgive them. This involves the experience, one day or another, of the Cross and, therefore of sacrifice, which will seal the spouses’ unity definitively.”

—Robert Cardinal Sarah, p.25 Couples, Awaken Your Love 

Cookie platters for the teachers…the children did a great job helping prepare this gift.
Homemade Fudge.