We put up the tree and hope to add more “Christmas” to our home each week of Advent.  The tree puts an aroma in our home that is wonderful!  Once we have it all decorated, we plan to keep it up until the Baptism of Our Lord, January 12, 2020.

Simon’s snowmen.
The tree decorating crew.
O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum 🎶
I had them in the window…then Andrew mentioned they may fade.
Andrew made a spot for them out of the sunshine. I could look at the detail on these for hours!
The calves are out enjoying the oats regrowth.
We were asked to make a dozen undecorated sugar cookies for a 4-H Cookie Decorating Party, so while we were at it we decided to decorate the others.
Cute Story time Library projects.
Heading out to graze.
After school chores.
There’s deer in our yard! White, lit up ones!
It’s always cozy to me when it’s the time of year to pull out my snowman mug and sip a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate.