This task is not overwhelming when you have the A Team helping out!

Andrew “the Engineer – Taskmaster and Corner Post Setter.”🤓 This fence wouldn’t last long without the correct measurements and angles and settings.
Gabriel “Post Pounding Machine,”💪 made this job look easy. 110 posts pounded in….Booyah!!!
“Tree saving team” Isabel and Simon. Hard to believe that Andrew and I had these planted in 2011. How time flies! They’re cutting the plastic that was laid to keep the weeds from damaging the trees.
Team Anika, Evelyn, Ambrose, Mary, and Ignatius taking off the plastic twine so the bales are ready for winter bale grazing.
“Lunch team” Lucy and Thea providing nourishment to the hungry A Team.
Andrew’s new machine is a game changer for putting up new fence.
Lunch time!
Chelsey learning to drive horses under Grandpa’s tutoring.
If you look in the distance, that’s Cousin Adam in the combine harvesting his soybeans.
Cousins stapling the wires.
A new crew working on the strings.
Fence … complete! Thank you to the wonderful crew!