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It’s Begun!

Baby heifer born this morning.
Simon’s Strawberry had a beautiful British White heifer!
Kindergarten Graduation πŸŽ“
Daddy had to attend a school board meeting so we took down some fence. Best fencing crew this side of the Mississippi!

Graduation Wisdom

Enjoy! Had to repost at this time of year. πŸŽ“

We are so blessed to live in this rural community that not only celebrates life, but celebrates each other. ❀️. We just attended our parish’s teacher appreciation party, fun times, fun people!πŸ™
Preach it Brother! πŸ™
My Mother’s Day tree … it’s like a bouquet!

L & D Cattle Pasture

We pulled out the Bulls today and did what I think is our favorite cattle drive to the labor and delivery pasture, soon we get to see all the wonders of Nature that God designed with our cattle herd.

From the 75 year old Grandpa to the 10-month-old cowgirl, everyone pitched in to help.
& Done .βœ…
Gotta remember to have some fun!
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